Termini di utilizzo

Please find WMSPanel terms of service below.

Trial period

You have 2 weeks to try the service. Current trial period is fully functional except for a few limitations. They are as follows.

  • You can add up to 19 servers during the trial with any number applications, streams, data slices or logins.
  • If you register for several trial periods, we may reduce the number of allowed servers or deny you from further trial periods.
  • Pull API is not available.
  • Deep stats may keep only up to 75000 records.
It's a free trial, no payments, no credit card or PayPal information required.
There are no limitations on a number of streams or users.

Our product manager will contact you shortly after your sign up, you can ask any questions regarding our features and pricing.

After 14 days your account will be blocked and then removed unless you make a subscription.
If you'd like to sign up again after a while - no problem, you're always welcomed.


When you subscribe before your account is removed, you will continue using the service with all data available from the trial period. You can make subscription any time. Once you do, you will be able to use all variety of features available for our customers.
You will be changed on a monthly basis and will get invoice (receipt) on every monthly payment.
If you wish to change your service options, like add new data slices or paid features, you are very welcomed to do that. New slices, servers and options will be reviewed and your subscription will be changed before the beginning of the next billing period.

You may cancel your subscription any time either by yourself or by contacting our sales representative.

We use FastSpring as our secure gateway to process subscriptions.

Taxes: VAT, W9 etc.

If your company is from European Union then VAT field will appear on the page following the billing details. If a customer enters a valid VAT ID, it will not be charged.
If you failed to add VAT ID during subscription, please contact FastSpring via orders@fastspring.com and specify your order ID and VAT ID so FastSpring could adjust your subscription and refund latest paid VAT.

If you need W9 form to set us as a supplier in your accounting system, please use this FastSpring W9 form. Since FastSpring is our payment gateway, their W9 is the one you need.

Some countries may require additional VAT which cannot be covered by tax IDs. We are not responsible for charging those taxes.

Billing failures

If the next monthly payment does not succeed and no payment is received within 2 weeks after the failure then your account will be blocked and then removed completely after several days of inactivity. All data is lost after that. You may sign up again later and start new subscription.

Technical support

Paywall capabilities of our products make a stable feature set which has been working properly for several years so far. If you run into any issues, most probably you are facing one of the problems described in our FAQ. Please follow its Q&As and make sure you've done all analysis. We do not provide support for this feature set unless you have the advanced security support subscription.

If you need help from our team regarding other concerns, use this contact page to try finding your answers and ask your question to us.
We do not provide any help until you try searching for answer and trying to examine your server logs.

Limited warranty and liability

WMSPanel team provides the software without any warranties of any kind, express, implied, statutory, or in any other provision of these terms or communication with you, and WMSPanel team specifically disclaims any implied warranties of merchantability.

To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, in no event will WMSPanel team be liable for any lost profits or business opportunities, loss of use, business interruption, loss of data, or any other indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages under any theory of liability, whether based in contract, tort, negligence, product liability, or otherwise. Because some jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion or limitation of liability for consequential or incidental damages, the preceding limitation may not apply to you. WMSPanel team's liability under these terms will not, in any event, exceed the subscription fees, if any, paid by you for the software provided to you by WMSPanel team. The foregoing limitations shall apply to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, regardless of whether WMSPanel team has been advised of the possibility of such damages and regardless of whether any remedy fails of its essential purpose.